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netzwerktreffen der medienwerkstatt
urban research

Talk and films at the media lab

Thursday, 18 February 2016 at 19:00

Medienwerkstatt Berlin im
Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin

Urban Research is a film and video program curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr. Urban Research encompasses explorations of public space, the conditions of urban life, and interventions in the urban sphere, by international film and video artists using experimental, documentary, abstract, or fictive forms.

The reguarly meetings of media artists at BBK Medienwerkstatt are intended to support the media arts and the exchange between artists. The discussion centers on the thresholds of different media practices and a critical concept of media in arts.

Direction: Sandra Becker and Lioba v.d.Driesch


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Urban Research is a film and video program curated since 2006 by Klaus W. Eisenlohr during the Berlin International Directors Lounge festival. Urban Research encompasses explorations of public space, reports of the conditions of urban life and interventions in the urban sphere realized by international film and video artists using experimental, documentary, abstract or fictive forms.

The films of this Urban Research selection revolve around visions of the future city, recent and current movements and developments that take their expression in public spaces, urban studies and metaphoric images dealing with urban life. The mix of experimental and more documentary styles complement each other and create a diversity of connected ideas about urban life.

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urban research
selection 2014
Marina Chernikova NL
Urban Surfing / Moscow2 01:30 2012 GP

The speed of urban life. Fragments of virtual spaces are intertwined with documentary fragments.. What is the experience of our environment immersed in new technology? The potentials of new media transform our perceptions.
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Erika Matsunami JN/DE
existence of risk—1964 04:30 2013

A filmic calendar sheet of 1964. By listing the year's events, and combining them with interviews of her relatives who lived in Hiroshima in 1964 and who still live there in 2013, Erika Matsunami questions the meanings of urban life.
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Txema Novelo MX
Culpable 05:27 2012

Music Video for the song "Culpable" by Mueran Humanos. Public and private images mix in a sentimental journey of celebrations of muerte.
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Anna Okrasko PL
Lot's Wife 05:13 2013 WP

Conducted by a poetic voice-over, the film takes the audience on a fictive bike tour of female nude sculptures, located in public places in the former East Berlin.
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Scott Fitzpatrick CD
Places with Meaning 03:00 2012

On a recycled 16mm film, the artist generates a video loop using the controversial dingbats font Webdings of Microsoft Word, at the same time asking for the origins of the depicted "places".
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Rhayne Vermette CA
Full of Fire 02:15 2013 VP

Using 16mm film collage and optically printed footage, this film underlines consequences of exile and replacements of homecoming — based on creating and losing some notion of home.
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Nisrine Boukhari SY
A letter between two cities / Damascus - Vienna 06:35 2013

A city tells "her" story to another city "who" had a similar history during the World War. This video presents the first letter of Damascus to another city of the world telling "Her" sad memory.
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Sirin Bahar Demirel TR
Living with Leviathan 11:00 2013

Through a personal story about the nationwide uprising in Turkey in summer 2013, the "Occupy Gezi" movement, this movie tries to show how the Turkish youth says "No!" to the despotic regime and the police brutality by reclaiming the city.
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