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/////////////// Overview 2014 //// Talk + Screening 23.04.2014 // 19.30 // Gasthaus zum Bären Bärengasse 20-22, Zurich /// Curated by E. Stassi and Klaus W. Eisenlohr

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selection 2014

This Urban Research program selected by Eleonora Stassi deals with the key words "Aktivism", "Urban Tools", "Visions" and "Stories"

Urban Research is a film and video program curated since 2006 by Klaus W. Eisenlohr during the Berlin International Directors Lounge festival. Urban Research encompasses explorations of public space, reports of the conditions of urban life and interventions in the urban sphere realized by international film and video artists using experimental, documentary, abstract or fictive forms. The exhibition+discussion platform CURATING hosts at the «Gasthaus zum Bären» an overview of Urban Research 2014 and a talk about the transdisciplinary perspectives of the urban research in collaboration with Antonio Scarponi / Conceptual Devices.


Sharon Horodi/ Cheb Kammerer DE
Simply a Love Song 05:00 2006

Recorded in Tel-Aviv during the peak of the war between Israel and Lebanon in August 2006, this video shows how a street-demonstration against the war heated up and how the passer-by started to lose temper.
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Christiane Thalmann UK
Conversation on the Underground 05:29 2005

Unterhaltung in der U-Bahn is based on a talk between the artist and a friend on the underground in Hamburg; about being harassed and assaulted as a woman and self defence.
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Maria Gonchar UA
Creative Cities of Ukraine 11:23 2013

The project "Creative cities of Ukraine" is the public initiative of Ukrainian architects and artists, founded in 2010. The idea, realized in Illichevsk, is to generate positive thinking by painting the facades of residential buildings. The artist creates another layer of meaning by adding sounds of 2013 urban protests in Ukraine.
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Sirin Bahar Demirel TR
Living with Leviathan 11:00 2013

Through a personal story about the nationwide uprising in Turkey in summer 2013, the "Occupy Gezi" movement, this movie tries to show how the Turkish youth says "No!" to the despotic regime and the police brutality by reclaiming the city.
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Joas Sebastian Nebe DE
Rush Hour 03:00 2013

RUSH HOUR turns jammed highways into conveyor belts, belt freeways into assembly lines and makes the city to factory that produces senseless motion.
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Scott Fitzpatrick CD
Places with Meaning 03:00 2012

On a recycled 16mm film, the artist generates a video loop using the controversial dingbats font Webdings of Microsoft Word, at the same time asking for the origins of the depicted "places".
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Roberta Orlando IT
Bright Berlin Lights 02:58 2011

This is a tribute to Berlin. The video shows the beauty of the city wandering all night long through its enlightened streets.
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Marina Chernikova NL
Urban Surfing / Moscow2 01:30 2012 GP

The speed of urban life. Fragments of virtual spaces are intertwined with documentary fragments.. What is the experience of our environment immersed in new technology? The potentials of new media transform our perceptions.
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Lorenz Fidel Huchthausen DE
Alter Junge 04:28 2013

In 2313 the world is ruled by Real Estate investors and Karma is a scientific fact. To increase profit, investors use squatters who are able to transform the buildings' Karma in a positive way.
video still - click for larger image!
Monika Rechsteiner CH
Real Estate II 08:30 2013

With the development of private property ownership, real estate has become a major area of business. The pictures leave it open to the viewer if they see progress or decay in the depicted construction site.
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Jeymer Gamboa AR
Reencuentro 02:00 2013

Fragments of a filmic diary, moving from flowers in the garden to residential fasades. The sensory is in the air, mixed with pollution and radio waves.
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Jonathan Rescigno FR
Core'ngrato 10:00 2012

In an old "hanging room" where the workers used to unclothe, the artist replays their everyday routine. A passing zone between the surface and the ground of the shafts, the day and the night, the past and the present.
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Rhayne Vermette CA
Full of Fire 02:15 2013 VP

Using 16mm film collage and optically printed footage, this film underlines consequences of exile and replacements of homecoming — based on creating and losing some notion of home.
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Anna Okrasko PL
Lot's Wife 05:13 2013 WP

Conducted by a poetic voice-over, the film takes the audience on a fictive bike tour of female nude sculptures, located in public places in the former East Berlin.
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artizinconnu TR
The City and The Memory - Have you seen Sulukule? 08:40 2009

Sulukule is a former Romani area in Turkey which has been taken down by the government. Its inhabitants have been removed to Ta?oluk, 45 km away.
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